[CLSA-2021:1640621287] Fixed 36 CVEs in binutils
Release date:
- CVE-2018-6323: Fix unsigned integer overflow - CVE-2018-19931: Fix heap-based buffer overflow in bfd_elf32_swap_phdr_in - CVE-2018-6543: Fix integer overflow - CVE-2018-20671: Fix integer overflow vulnerability - CVE-2018-6759: Fix segmentation fault - CVE-2018-7208: Fix segmentation fault - CVE-2018-7568: Fix integer overflow - CVE-2018-7569: Fix integer underflow or overflow - CVE-2018-7642: Fix aout_32_swap_std_reloc_out NULL pointer dereference - CVE-2018-7643: Fix integer overflow - CVE-2018-8945: Fix segmentation fault - CVE-2018-13033: Fix excessive memory allocation - CVE-2018-10373: Fix NULL pointer dereference - CVE-2018-10535: Fix NULL pointer dereference - CVE-2018-18309: Fix invalid memory address dereference - CVE-2018-18605: Fix mishandles section merges - CVE-2018-18606: Fix NULL pointer dereference - CVE-2018-18607: Fix NULL pointer dereference in elf_link_input_bfd - CVE-2018-19932: Fix integer overflow and infinite loop - CVE-2018-20002: Fix memory consumption - CVE-2018-20623: Fix use-after-free in the error function - CVE-2018-1000876: Fix integer overflow trigger heap overflow - CVE-2019-9073: Fix excessive memory allocation - CVE-2019-9075: Fix heap-based buffer overflow in _bfd_archive_64_bit_slurp_armap - CVE-2019-9077: Fix heap-based buffer overflow in process_mips_specific - CVE-2019-12972: Fix heap-based buffer over-read in _bfd_doprnt - CVE-2019-14444: Fix integer overflow - CVE-2019-17450: Fix infinite recursion - CVE-2016-2226: Fix integer overflow in the string_appends function in cplus-dem.c - CVE-2016-4487: Fix use-after-free vulnerability in libiberty - CVE-2016-4488: Fix use-after-free vulnerability in libiberty - CVE-2016-4489: Fix integer overflow in libiberty - CVE-2016-4490: Fix integer overflow in cp-demangle.c in libiberty - CVE-2016-4492: Fix buffer overflow in the do_type function in cplus-dem.c in libiberty - CVE-2016-4493: Fix out-of-bounds read in demangle_template_value_parm and do_hpacc_template_literal - CVE-2016-6131: Fix infinite loop, stack overflow
Updated packages:
  • binutils-
  • binutils-devel-
  • binutils-devel-
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